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Maggid Books is honored to present
**HaRav OSHER WEISS (שליט”א), Gaon Av Beit Din Darchei Torah Jerusalem**
**HaRav MOSHEH LICHTENSTEIN (שליט”א), Rosh Yeshivat Har Etzion**

Celebrating the publication of :
“The Oral Law: The Rabbinic Contribution to Torah sheBe’al Peh”
by Chaim H. Schimmel

Tuesday, February 18th
Kehillat Nitzanim, 3 Rechov Asher, Baka Jerusalem
Doors open 19:15

Books will be sold at a discount | Refreshments will be served | Event is open to men and women (separate seating) | Tefillat Arvit will follow after the event

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