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Maggid Books has a reputation for stylish and creative book covers. Recently, we released Netivot Shalom by Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein and the cover was getting a lot of attention. We decided to sit down with the designer, Daniel Gdalevich, to hear his thoughts on this colorful and inspiring cover!

Netivot Shalom: Insights on the Holidays and Avoda‘s description reads as follows:

Blending the warmth of the Hassidic approach with the sharp clarity of the Lithuanian yeshiva, the Slonimer Rebbe responded to new intellectual challenges and offered words that were a source of inspiration and solace to the Jewish people.

This volume grows out of a conviction that Netivot Shalom will be appreciated as one of the most influential works of this generation. The Slonimer Rebbe did not shy away from addressing the faults and failures he found in the community – even major ones. With absolute honesty, he speaks again and again about doubt, spiritual estrangement, wrestling with base desires and temptations, and serial failure. For each challenge of modern life, the Rebbe offers both prescriptions and encouragement. Through his teachings on the holidays and avodat Hashem, the service of God, the Netivot Shalom not only offers sparkling insights on the meaning of time and history, but also enables us to flourish and grow amidst the challenges of a new era.

Drawing from the themes of “growth,” “flourishing,” and “warmth,” Daniel intentfully chose the green, yellow, and brown tones featured prominently on the cover.

“I wanted to convey a mood of solemnity and calm at the same time,” Daniel says. Flourishing specifically brought to mind a tree and nature which fit perfectly with the warm color tones chosen by Daniel.

Additionally, the fonts were also an important choice. The title font in particular needed to be strong and visible yet also connote the softness of the overall cover theme.

Finally, there needs to be approval by the author, the editing team, and the marketing team so a few different designs are offered and the best one is chosen.

Are there any other covers you love and would like to know more about? Let us know in the comments!

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