New Releases Spring 2020

The Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel – Exodus

Land of Israel Tanakh final for print

The Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel offers an innovative and refreshing approach to the Hebrew Bible. By fusing extraordinary findings by modern scholars on the ancient Near East with the original Hebrew text and a brand new English translation by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, The Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel clarifies and explains the Biblical narrative, laws, events and prophecies in context with the milieu in which it took place.

Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: Lights in the Valley 

By: Yaakov Beasley

MST beasley 3D

Master teacher Rabbi Yaakov Beasley carefully reveals the messages and meanings of these often unfamiliar books of the Twelve Minor Prophets: Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah. Drawing from the best of traditional and contemporary scholarship, Rabbi Beasley shows us why these prophets are as relevant today as they were to the Jews of Judah so many years ago.

Ani Maamin: Biblical Criticism, Historical Truth, and the Thirteen Principles of Faith

By: Joshua Berman

Berman, Ani Maamin _3D

For two centuries the academic study of the Bible has confronted the believing Jew with the most challenging of questions: Are the accounts of the Tanakh historically accurate? Was there an Exodus? Why does the Torah provide multiple versions of its law and its stories? What are the warrants for believing the Torah is a divine text? Can a Jew seeking intellectual honesty maintain fidelity to the Thirteen Principles of Faith? The credentials Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman brings to address these issues are unparalleled. An internationally acclaimed speaker, writer and educator, Rabbi Berman is also a professor of Tanakh at Bar-Ilan University and the author of two books published by Oxford University Press on the five books of the Torah. This landmark work is the first full-length treatment of these charged issues by an Orthodox thinker, offering the believing Jew an academically and traditionally based approach of spiritual and intellectual integrity.

Prepare My Prayer 

By: Dov Singer

Singer, Prepare My Prayer_3D
Prepare My Prayer is a unique attempt to develop a distinct language for the worship of the heart – a language of prayer.
In an innovative and enlightening style, this volume presents a range of recipes for the soul – short, practical directions and steps for each and every person, veterans of prayer and novices alike, to enter the world of prayer, develop skills, and find meaning, fulfillment, and connection.
This book aims to expand the concept of prayer beyond the synagogue and the siddur – to awaken the inner wellspring from which prayer flows; to breathe new life into the liturgy; to encounter prayer as a kind of existence, a presence, in which an individual stands before the One who is Presence itself; to tune into the beating heart of the world.

To This Very Day: Fundamental Questions in Bible Study

By: Amnon Bazak

to this very day 3D

In To This Very Day, Rabbi Amnon Bazak, a leading figure in the contemporary renaissance of Tanakh study, offers a sophisticated understanding of Tanakh rooted in a firm belief in its sanctity.

Setting forth with great clarity the range of issues that need to be addressed, he provides detailed and organized responses that are striking in their erudition and penetration. These topics include: the composition of biblical books, the contradictions found in legal and narrative sections, the findings of archaeology and our knowledge of the ancient Near East, the peshat-derash relationship, and the sins of biblical characters.

This book is a must-have for students of the Bible on every level, and especially for people of faith who are looking to grapple in a deep and honest way with fundamental questions regarding Judaism’s foundational text.

Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile

By: Erica Brown

The Book of Esther takes us to the heart of destiny moments: a beautiful but unlikely queen evolves into a Jewish leader. A wise and trusted Jewish courtier expands his platform of influence, and a vulnerable minority facing death becomes a powerful people in a land not their own. Dr. Erica Brown offers us a close textual and thematic reading of this beloved story of courage and heroism against a background of hate and political ineptitude. This ancient story sheds its light on today’s most pressing problems: contemporary antisemitism, sexual tyranny and the absence of leadership.

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Koren Magerman Youth Haggadah


The Koren Magerman Youth Haggada fills a unique space in this vibrant and populous market, being designed and written to speak directly to the child in appropriate and engaging language. Part of the Koren Magerman Educational Series, its design is based on the widely used Koren Magerman Youth Siddur. It too is beautifully illustrated with educational illustrations that form their own commentary, as well as stories, quotes, questions, and reflections to engage the child and encourage connection to the haggada text.

Educational features of the Koren Magerman Youth Haggadah:

  • The full haggada text in easy-to-read educationally typeset design
  • An age-appropriate adapted translation of the Hebrew text
  • Clear instructions for the ritual contained in the Seder night, written in age-appropriate language
  • Educational illustrations using powerful imagery to explore the themes from the haggada text
  • An icon navigation bar to orientate the user within the structure of the Seder service
  • An “experience” to have on every page to keep the child active and engaged and deepen the experiential theme of the Seder night
  • Reflection text: Quotes and stories that explore a theme from the haggada text
  • A question on every page, replicating the educational style of asking questions found in the haggada

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