Choosing the Right Siddur

Choosing the right siddur is no simple task. The sheer number of options may seem overwhelming but we are here to help! We have something for everyone whether you are looking for Hebrew/English, commentary by great rabbis, a beginner’s prayer book, or just need some English instructions. Check out our detailed selection below and choose the right siddur for you. Have more questions? Feel free to comment on the post or send us a message on any social media channel.

Koren Sacks Siddur Series

The Koren Sacks Siddur is the first new Orthodox Hebrew/English siddur in a generation. The siddur exemplifies Koren’s traditions of textual accuracy and intuitive graphic design, and offers an illuminating translation, introduction and commentary by one of the world’s leading Jewish thinkers, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. It is the only Orthodox siddur that includes: prayers for the state of Israel, its soldiers and national holidays, and a halakhic guide for visitors; prayers following childbirth and upon the birth of a daughter; a modern translation, and citations of modern authorities. Published in cooperation with the Orthodox Union.

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The Shalem Siddur is an expanded version of the popular Sacks Siddur. A full Siddur for weekday, Shabbat, holidays, and festivals, it features an introduction to Jewish prayer, translation and commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. This edition has additional features such as Torah readings for holidays, Haftarah for Yom HaAtzma’ut, new English translations of the Torah readings for the Shalosh Regalim (Sukkot, Pesah and Shavuot), 5 Megillot with new English translation, a section for bakashot (personal supplications).

The Shalem Siddur is available in in hardcover, soft cover, flex cover and festive Emanuel cover in a convenient, compact size.

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Koren Classic Siddur Series

For the last thirty years, The Koren Siddur has been the siddur of Israel. Now, for the first time since its initial publication, the all-Hebrew Koren Siddur has been renewed to improve its classic style.

Newly added tefillot and features include: tefillot and kriyat HaTorah for hagim, the five Megillot, Tehillim, an extensive Halakhic guide, introductions to and explanations of the origins of key prayers, kamatz katan, sh’va na, patah ganuv, and meteg symbols throughout, and the prayer for missing soldiers. The siddur has a new, state-of-the-art binding and is printed on durable Bible paper.


Koren Rav Kook Siddur

The Koren Rav Kook Siddur is an exciting new prayer-book that offers a dimension of spirituality sorely lacking in our world today. Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook (1865-1935), first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel, was renowned for his harmonious blending of both the body and the soul of the Torah, as represented in the Halakhah and Aggadah.

The Koren Rav Kook Siddur retains Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ immensely popular English translation, and for the first time also includes a digest of Rav Kook’s commentary, never before seen in English. The commentary is written by Rabbi Bezalel Naor, acknowledged interpreter of Rav Kook’s thought.

Culling from Rav Kook’s own commentary to the Siddur, ‘Olat Re’iyah, and other writings of the master, as well as rich anecdotes transmitted by Rav Kook’s son and major disciples, Rabbi Naor speaks to the soul while planting our feet on the sacred soil of the Holy Land. The work is introduced by Rav Kook’s overall philosophy of prayer.

Koren Kook En-Heb Siddur WEB

RCA Siddur Avodat HaLev

Siddur Avodat Halev is a full Siddur for Weekday, Shabbat, Festivals and Holidays.

Ten years in the making, this outstanding Siddur from the rabbanim of the RCA includes the following features, among many others:

– Full contemporary, yet accurate, translation

– An entirely new commentary utilizing a wide range of rabbinic as well as academic sources

– Additional prayers for life cycle events, and the observance of Yom Hashoah, YomHaatzmaut, and Yom    Yerushalayim

– The entire book of Psalms, in Hebrew and English

– Supplementary essays by leading contemporary rabbinic leaders

– Inclusive of men’s and women’s tefillot

– Detailed on-page halakhic instructions approved by recognized authorities

– Produced by an outstanding team of dozens of RCA members and consulting scholars, under the leadership of Rabbi  Basil Herring, editor-in-chief.

With all of its groundbreaking features the Siddur Avodat Halev is likely to become the standard Siddur used in English-speaking Orthodox communities for many years to come.

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Koren Mesorat HaRav Series

This long-awaited siddur presents for the very first time the insights on Jewish prayer of one of the twentieth century’s greatest Jewish philosophers, scholars and religious leaders, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, widely known as “The Rav.” The Koren Mesorat HaRav Siddur features brilliant commentary based on the teachings of Rabbi Soloveitchik, an eloquent, contemporary English translation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and extensive introductions to the thought of Rabbi Soloveitchik by Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, Rabbi Sacks and others. Edited by Dr. Arnold M. Lustiger; published in partnership with the OU Press. Other Mesorat HaRav editions include: Megillat Esther, Passover Haggadah, Kinot (complete Tisha B’Av service), and a Birkon.


Koren Talpiot Series

The Koren Talpiot siddur is designed for American synagogues, minyanim and individuals seeking sophisticated Hebrew siddurim with discreet English instructions throughout but without an English introduction, translation or commentary. In classic Koren style, these siddurim graphically bring out the underlying meaning of the Hebrew text.

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Koren Avoteinu Siddur Series

The liturgy of the Jews of Morocco is unique among Sephardic liturgies. Over thousands of years, each geographic region within Morocco – from Marrakesh to Fez and Casablanca – developed its own prayer customs and melodies. The Koren Avoteinu Series preserves and ensures the continuation of this special liturgy. Compiled by cantor and piyut master, Rabbi Meir Elazar Atia with the support and endorsement of the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the series includes a Siddur, and Mahzorim for Elul and Tishrei.

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Koren Ani Tefilla Siddurim

The Koren Ani Tefilla Siddurim are engaging and thought-provoking siddurim for the inquiring high school student and thoughtful adult. The innovative commentary in these siddurim, for beginners and the seasoned alike, has been designed to help the user create their own meaning and connection during the Tefilla experience. Divided into different categories that enable the user to connect to the liturgy in different ways, the commentary provides a variety of approaches to each tefilla, and something meaningful for everyone.

Key innovative features:

— Commentary divided into four categories: Biur, Iyun, Halakha and Ani Tefilla
— Unique layout encourages deeper connection to the prayers
— Appendices include: FAQs on tefilla collected from students and adults, practical guide to enhancing one’s kavana, useful bibliography, guide to the Jewish year, stories, and more.
— Thought-provoking questions, narratives, and quotes help the user think and feel beyond the standardized liturgy.

English translation and foreword by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Commentary by Rabbi Dr Jay Goldmintz.

Available Editions: WeekdayShabbat Summer Camp


Magerman Educational Siddurim

The Koren Magerman Educational Siddur Series is a series of four siddurim that signals a refreshing, innovative approach to Tefilla education in the school, home and synagogue. Each siddur in the series is appropriately designed for its developmental stage of the day-school journey and beyond, and includes a wealth of educational aids on every single page.

This siddur series serves as a tool to encourage and facilitate children’s engagement in tefilla both cognitively and emotionally, ultimately leading to total comfort and engagement with the adult Siddur.


Designed for children in early elementary school – Children’s Siddur (Ashkenaz and Edot HaMizrah)


Educator’s Companion to the Children’s Siddur (Ashkenaz and Edot HaMizrah)

Designed for children in grades 3-5Youth Siddur (Ashkenaz and Edot HaMizrah)

Youth Siddurs + guide

Educator’s Companion to the Youth Siddur (Ashkenaz and Edot HaMizrah)

Designed for children in grades 5-9: Aviv Siddur

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Ani Tefilla Siddurim – See Above




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