Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel-What are People Saying?

The Passsover Haggadah Graphic Novel is a hit among fans and critics alike! Check out some of the recent reviews.

Below are excerpts from Steve Lipman’s article in the New York Jewish Week.

“On Passover, which commemorates an ancient story of liberation, a popular cartoonist has freed the narrative in a thoroughly modern way.”

“In a sign of the visual and attention-challenged times, Jordan Gorfinkel, whose “Everything’s Relative” strip appears in this publication, has combined the epic Passover story and indelible images into a Haggadah that seems tailor-made for millennials,”

“The Exodus story, Gorfinkel told The Jewish Week, has “everything you want: larger-than-life characters and conflicts, sweeping settings, mammoth action sequences, memorable personal moments.” And, of course, “a happy ending … especially if you don’t mind sand in your shoes,” he quipped.”

“As the title suggests, the 170-page book, three years in the making, is two books in one. It contains the traditional Hebrew text of the Haggadah (transliterated into English letters), in easy-to-read fonts, and a modern English-language translation by David Olivestone, former director of communications at the Orthodox Union, as well as “how-to” instructional cartons that lead the reader through each step of the seder. And it is also an exquisite full-color graphic novel drawn by Israeli artist Erez Zadok, a Bezalel Academy of Art graduate, that features the unnamed goat family going through each step of the seder. The illustrations, which incorporate modern cityscapes and mythic biblical scenes, carry the story forward as it moves from the exodus from Egypt to Jewish life and history through the ages.”

“’The story boards are really clever and engaging,’ said Daniel Levine, the longtime owner of J. Levine Books & Judaica in midtown, who added that he has ‘never seen a Haggadah like this’— one rendered as a full-length graphic novel. ‘In my 40 years [at the firm] this is the most captivating and creative one I have seen.'”

Gorfinkel’s Haggadah is the new face of the Passover text.”

“A Haggadah in graphic novel form is a perfect adaptation for the millennial generation that was raised in an atmosphere of individualized iTunes playlists, said Rabbi Elly Krimsky, program director of NJOP (formerly the National Jewish Outreach Program). Today, he said, people can find Haggadahs that reflects their way of thinking, that speak their language. ‘Instead of just reading a text,’ Rabbi Krimsky said, ‘they want to see how the text provides meaning for them.'” High praise from such an esteemed journalist! Still not convinced? Check out the following excerpts from Rochel Sylvestsky’s article in Artuz Sheva: