The Siddur as an Educational Resource for Tefilla Education

The Jeducation World initiative recently featured a series of articles written by Dr. Daniel Rose, who spearheaded the Magerman Educational Siddur Series. We encourage you to read his most recent article, “The Siddur as an Educational Resource for Tefilla Education”.

How do you use the Siddur as an educational resource in your school or family? For schools, educators and families who already use the Koren Children’s or Youth Siddur, send us your feedback – we’d love to hear which aspects of the Siddurim resonate with you most.

The first article, “Tefilla Literacy vs. Tefilla Inspiration: Reevaluating our goals for Tefilla Education” can be seen here.

The Koren Magerman Educational Siddur Series can be seen here.


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