Start Bereishit from the Beginning

It’s no coincidence that our new blog begins with Bereishit. Amongst the many distinguished authors with whom we work, we have the privilege of publishing Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb’s new book, ‘The Person in the Parasha: Discovering the Human Element in the Weekly Torah Portion‘.

The Person in the Parasha comprises Rabbi Weinreb’s  essays based on his  popular column of the same name. It offers the unique point of view of a world-renowned Torah scholar, community rabbi, and clinical psychotherapist. Each essay begins with an interest­ing anecdote which the author then connects to a central theme in the parasha, and wraps up with a profound message of inspiration and wisdom for life and spiritual growth.

As we begin the Torah cycle again this week, let us seek the human element in the parasha. Fortunately, Rabbi Weinreb’s insights offers guidance for daily life – its challenges, struggles and joys alike.


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