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Over 12,000 artists worldwide

Earl Cabuhat | Newfangled Studios

I wish I had known about School of Motion a long time ago.

Design Bootcamp | Winter 2017
Animation Bootcamp | Summer 2017
Advanced Motion Methods | Summer 2020

Leigh Williamson | Illustrator and Animator

I'm more confident, more relevant, more equipped, better connected and close to my goals since School of Motion entered my life.

Character Animation Bootcamp | Winter 2017
Animation Bootcamp | Summer 2017
Cinema 4D Basecamp | Spring 2018
Illustration for Motion | Fall 2019
Cinema 4D Ascent | Spring 2021

Jonathan Hunt | Creative Mammals

The course structure kept me focused and motivated to push through the noise and self-doubt that comes along with with learning something new.

Animation Bootcamp | Summer 2019
Design Kickstart | Fall 2020

Chip Nash | Freelancer

I'm a full time freelancer and I'm having to turn down work because I'm so busy! School of Motion literally changed my life.

Animation Bootcamp | Summer 2018
Design Bootcamp | Winter 2019
Explainer Camp | Summer 2019
VFX for Motion | Fall 2019
Cinema 4D Basecamp | Winter 2020
Character Animation Bootcamp | Spring 2020

Sarah Buchan | D8

The amount of knowledge in each course is staggering and the content is so well curated, it's worth what you pay twice over.

Animation Bootcamp | Spring 2019
Design Bootcamp | Summer 2019
Illustration for Motion | Summer 2020
Cinema 4D Basecamp | Summer 2021

Rene Andritsch | Graphic Designer

Being a taught graphic designer and venturing out into motion design I did not know where to start learning due to the amount of free offerings - paid and free. Until I found School of Motion.

Animation Bootcamp | Winter 2017
Design Bootcamp | Summer 2017
Character Animation Bootcamp | Summer 2017
Cinema 4D Basecamp | Spring 2019
Advanced Motion Methods | Spring 2020
VFX for Motion | Summer 2020
Expression Session | Winter 2021

Emma Elisabeth Petersson |  Fjord

I recently started my dream job and I would have 100% never gotten here without taking the School of Motion courses that I did.

Animation Bootcamp | Winter 2017
Character Animation Bootcamp | Winter 2017
Explainer Camp| Winter 2018
Design Bootcamp | Spring 2018
Cinema 4D Basecamp | Fall 2018
Advanced Motion Methods| Winter 2020
Illustration for Motion | Spring 2020

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